Fuck These Bastards

Today, 3rd March 2017, the people of Ireland receive confirmation of what most of us have known since the summer of 2014, if not far longer. The remains of children and babies murdered by the Catholic Church were abandoned in a septic tank in the Tuam Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home administered by the Bon Secours Sisters.

We had to wait nearly four years for Official Ireland to admit to any of this, but now let me just say once more with feeling:

Fuck the Catholic Church.

This is the shape or their morality, revealed again and again and again in the deepest abuses visited on our youngest, our most vulnerable, those without a shred of power to defend themselves. You can read the litany of their God now in the bones and skulls of brutalised babies, cast like rubbish into the earth. Lift this to your eyes and read it.

This is the face of their God, rendered in the bones and the mud of a Tuam mass grave.

See this God and his disciples. See them well.

These are the bastards who would tell you love them both.

These are the bastards who would tell you what a woman can and cannot do with her body.

These are the bastards who would tell you your love is the wrong kind of love.

The bastards who would tell you your marriage isn’t a marriage because of who is in it.

Who would tell you your child cannot go to this school because they didn’t have their forehead dabbed in water.

These are the bastards who would stand at a plinth and deign to tell you what is right and what is wrong.

You’ve heard their words, now see them, see them with the Wizard’s curtain drawn fully back. See the shape of the Heaven they would build, full of walls and Laws and unseen graves where the sinners can be cast down.

If these are the ones who man the gate posts, do you want a seat in this paradise built over the skulls of children, walls mortared with their blood? Imagine the Heaven built by bastards such as these?

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

The number of their God is 796, and His face is not glorious. It is caked in the blood of innocence, blood both old and fresh, from a legion of sacrifices, a holocaust of souls that He would never see ended.

I’ll take my chances with the Gods of the skulls and bones. There are newer Gods and older ones and any of them with more compassion, more justice, than the Holy God of the Roman Catholic Church and it’s most holy sacrifice of the innocent, in the name of Eternal Glory.

And I’ll say again, to every Catholic who wants to tell us how to live while they make excuses for another massacre –

Fuck your Love, your Church, your Heaven.

Fuck your God.

There is more, in this life and the next, than you.